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  1. New Covenant Commentary Series
  2. We see in the Book of Romans how Jesus justifies and unifies humanity. | The Bible Project
  3. Romans: A New Covenant Commentary

Gospel in Detail. It details the Gospel and describes how sinful humanity can be justified. God's Righteousness. All humanity was trapped in sin. Obeying the law of Torah could not rescue them, but Jesus' death and resurrection created a multiethnic covenant family.

New Covenant Commentary Series

Justification by Faith. Every human since Adam chose sin and selfishness, but Jesus offered His life so everyone can be justified by faith and enter the new Jesus-like humanity.

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Craig has taught in various countries, especially countries in Africa. Craig was ordained in an African-American denomination National Baptist Convention in and for roughly a decade before moving to Wilmore was one of the associate ministers at Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, an African-American church in Philadelphia. Craig has authored 17 books, four of which have won awards in Christianity Today.

He has written for various journals, both academic e. Church Review and popular e.

We see in the Book of Romans how Jesus justifies and unifies humanity. | The Bible Project

Paul condemns the outward performances of the Jews Rom. Paul testifies that the law of Moses is a lesser law, inferior to the gospel of Jesus Christ Rom. These receive the promise of exaltation and of being joint heirs with Christ. In addition, Paul comments about the doctrine of election, that is, that both Jew and gentile who had accepted the gospel were called or were the foreordained of God.

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He likewise warns the gentile members that faithfulness is necessary for them to maintain a worthy condition in the kingdom. The dominant themes of this important gospel writing might be categorized as follows:.

Romans: A New Covenant Commentary

The place of the house of Israel and its relationship with the gentiles, particularly those within the covenant in terms of gospel blessings, are also discussed. The partial explanation of the allegory of the tame and wild olive trees is used to illustrate this doctrine.

The entire allegory is found in the Book of Mormon, Jacob 5. This passage is used primarily by the Protestants to justify their break from the mother church. This verse is interpreted by some to indicate the sole act necessary to achieve salvation. By so applying these interpretations, true ordinances are ignored, compliance with the commandments to fully qualify the individual is neglected, and finally, the legitimate authority to officially represent the Lord, both to declare the message and execute the ordinances, is disregarded.