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His research interests include categorical data analysis, longitudinal data analysis, clinical trial methodology, modern statistical computing methods, and statistics education to non-statisticians. Gengsheng Jeff Qin obtained his doctorate Ph. Currently Dr. His primary research interests lie broadly in biostatistics and mathematical statistics.

He has published more than sixty peer-reviewed journal articles. He completed his Bachelors in and Masters in His research areas are RAMS analysis of complex systems using uncertainty theories, RAMS analysis of railway systems and railway safety standards, Dependability issues in European Rail Traffic Management System, Graphical models for risk assessment and Reliability allocation problems.

He has contributed his valuable publications in different journals. He is presently serving as a Professor at the department of Statistics, Kumaon University. He has contributed in different international journals. He also worked as an Assistant Hostel Warden at S. Campus, Almora from 17 th October to 5 th August Gangwei Wang has obtained a doctorate Ph. His research interests involve the applications of Lie groups to differential equations and applied statistics.

Zhao has a B. He received his Ph. He has published 70 research articles in Statistics and Biostatistics research fields. Zhao has initiated Workshop Series on Biostatistics and Bioinformatics since Zhao was an elected member of the International Statistical Institute. Ao Yuan received Ph. He worked at Massachusetts General Hospital as a biostatistics research fellow , at Howard University National Human Genome Center as a research biostatistician , visited Georgetown University and Joined Georgetown in She had more than 15 years experiences on teaching and learning and had taught more than 10 engineerings subjects including material balances for chemical engineers, statistics for engineers and fundamental of environmental engineering.

She had more than 25 publications indexed with h-index of 7. She also had received more than USD 53, funding from local government and had more than 20 undergraduates and postgraduates students. Emad-Eldin A. Aly obtained his Ph. Prior to that, he received his B. He completed his Ph. Salim Bouzebda obtained his Ph. She also received her Ph. She has around publications to her credit. Muhammad El-Taha received his Doctorate Ph. He also serves as coordinator of the graduate program in Statistics. He is coauthor of the award winning book on sample path analysis of queueing systems.

He serves on the editorial board of several scientific journals.

Progress in Mathematics: Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, and Theoretical Cybernetics

Sandra research interest are a Space-time covariance models for environmental applications B Coregionalization models for air pollution studies c Stochastic conditional and non-conditional simulation d Multi-point simulation and validation. Pramod K. Gupta did Ph. Kawasaki published over research articles in reputed international journals. His research interests include the classical data analysis, Bayesian analysis, Biostatistics and mathematical education. Tomasz J. Kozubowski received his Ph. With the Sentinel of Science Award, he was recognized by Publons as one of the top researchers contributing to the peer review in the field of mathematics.

Lien obtained Ph.


His main research interests include fuzzy control theory, neural networks, robust control, switched systems, and time-delay systems. In this university he leads a research group for more than 20 years. He has published more than 10 articles in international journals and has been responsible for more than 10 research projects and contracts with companies. Pelumi E.

Oguntunde is a young Nigerian with passion for teaching and research. He bagged his Ph. He holds a Master of Science M.

Abbreviations of Names of Serials, Section P

Sc degree in Statistics from University of Ilorin, Nigeria. He teaches Statistics courses at Covenant University and he is a reviewer for several scholarly journals. He has also contributed immensely in terms of publications in the area of Probability Distribution Theory. He received a Ph. In addition to his scientific research and PhD students advising activities, he teaches quantitative methods to graduate and postgraduate levels.

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He has published many research papers in the field of Heat and Mass Transfer in international journals of high repute and has supervised seven Ph. He is the Editor and Editor-in-chief of many international journals. In , Dr. He has also presented, as an invited speaker, his research papers in many international conferences and symposia. He has also served as Chairman of research committee from to in AIJ. He has expertise in the research related to, Earthquake Engineering and structural studies.

Mike G. Later he received his M. Tsionas has numerous publications and honors to his credit overall. Xing Zheng Wu is currently working as an associate professor in the civil engineering department of Hebei University in Baoding, China. His research interests focus on statistical analysis and modelling of geotechnical and coastal data, copula-based multivariate frequency analysis, stochastic differential equation, uncertainty quantification and reliability analysis of earth systems engineering.

Wu has published more than 20 journal papers by the first author in international journals. He has served as an active reviewer for various journals and is a member of the editorial board of several journals. He serves as a reviewer for several Journals. Nursel Koyuncu obtained her Ph. Mathematics Applied. He has published more than 60 Journal papers and more than 30 conference papers. Council of Science and Technology — India For more detailed information, please visit Dr. Later, he obtained his PhD.

He has published 8 journal papers and 2 conference papers so far. Mahmoud Afshari did B. He then obtained his Ph. He was working in many scientific research institutes and universities in Georgia, Russia and Pakistan on the positions: engineer, scientific worker, Head of Laboratory, Head of Department, Director of National Center, Professor, Rector of educational Institute. He has scientific papers published in various esteemed reputable International Journals. He has received many prestigious awards and rewards.

Georges Nguefack-Nguefack holds a B. He is author of more than 50 publications in peer reviewed journal, among them twelve 12 in theoretical statistics, and a book. Anatoliy Pogoruy obtained his Dr. Presently, Dr.

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  • Pogoruy has published over 35 manuscripts in various journals. He completed his B. Sc and M. He is also performing as reviewer in different scientific journals such as European Journal of Operations Research, International Journal of Business and Information Technology, International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Technology and many others. Top charts. New arrivals. Mathematical Analysis Progress in Mathematics Book Gamkrelidze November 11, Krachkovskii and A.

    Naimark and R. In the fi. Considerable space is devoted in particular to "nonquadratic systems," a topic that has very recently stimulated interest. The second article is devoted to the algebraic aspects of the theory of operators determinant theory in particular in Banach and linear topological spaces. The third article reflects the present state of the art in the given area of the theory of representations, which has been re ceiving considerable attention in connection with its applications in physics particularly in quantum field theory and in the theory of differential equations.

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    Continue the series. See more. Book This volume contains two review articles: "Stochastic Pro gramming" by Vo V. Po Buslenko and A. Cherenkovo The first article covers almost all aspects of stochastic programming. Many of the results presented in it have not pre viously been surveyed in the Soviet literature and are of interest to both mathematicians and economists. The second article com prises an exhaustive treatise on the present state of the art of the statistical methods of queueing theory and the statistical modeling of queueing systems as applied to the analysis of complex systems.

    Kolbin Introduction. Chance-Constrained Problems. Rigorous Statement of stochastic Linear Programming Problems. Stability of a Solution in the Mean. Dual Stochastic Linear Programming Problems. Algebra and Geometry. This volume contains five review articles, three in the Al gebra part and two in the Geometry part, surveying the fields of ring theory, modules, and lattice theory in the former, and those of integral geometry and differential-geometric methods in the calculus of variations in the latter.

    The literature covered is primarily that published in Bokut', K. Zhevlakov, and E. Associative Rings. Lie Algebras and Their Generalizations.

    The Open Mathematics, Statistics and Probability Journal :: Editorial Board

    Alternative and Jordan Rings. Mikhalev and L. Projection, Injection, etc. Homological Classification of Rings. Quasi-Frobenius Rings and Their Generalizations. Some Aspects of Homological Algebra. Endomorphism Rings. Other Aspects. Glukhov, 1. Stelletskii, and T. Boolean Algebras. Identity and Defining Relations in Lattices.

    Distributive Lattices. Geometrical Aspects and the Related Investigations. Homological Aspects.

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    Lattices of Congruences and of Ideals of a Lattice. Lattices of Subsets, of Subalgebras, etc. Dissertationes Mathematicae — Rozprawy Matematyczne. Dynamical Systems: An International Journal. Dynamics of Partial Differential Equations. Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems. European Journal of Combinatorics. Finite Fields and their Applications. Functional Analysis and its Applications. Functional Differential Equations — Israel Seminar.

    Fundamenta Mathematicae. Glasgow Mathematical Journal. Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics. Integral Equations and Operator Theory. International Economic Review. International Journal of Mathematics. International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences. Jahresbericht der Deutschen Mathematiker Vereinigung. Journal of Approximation Theory. Journal of Combinatorial Designs.

    Journal of Combinatorial Theory — Series A. Journal of Combinatorial Theory — Series B. Journal of Differential Equations. Journal of Differential Geometry.

    Introduction To Mathematical Statistics

    Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems. Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations. Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications. Journal of Functional Analysis.