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He came to power years before when he murdered his brother, the previous king, and drove his brother's wife and infant son, Ignosi, out into the desert to die. Twala's rule is unchallenged. An evil, impossibly ancient hag named Gagool is his chief advisor. She roots out any potential opposition by ordering regular witch hunts and murdering without trial all those identified as traitors. When she singles out Umbopa for this fate, it takes all Quatermain's skill to save his life.

Gagool, it appears, has already sensed what Umbopa soon after reveals: he is Ignosi, the rightful king of the Kukuanas. A rebellion breaks out, the Englishmen gaining support for Ignosi by taking advantage of their foreknowledge of a lunar eclipse to claim that they will black out the moon as proof of Ignosi's claim.

In early editions, this was a solar eclipse; Haggard changed it after realising that his description of a solar eclipse was not realistic [13] The Englishmen join Ignosi's army in a furious battle. Although outnumbered, the rebels overthrow Twala, and Sir Henry lops off his head in a duel. She shows them a treasure room inside a mountain, carved deep within the living rock and full of gold, diamonds, and ivory.

She then treacherously sneaks out while they are admiring the hoard and triggers a secret mechanism that closes the mine's vast stone door. However, a brief scuffle with a beautiful Kukuana woman named Foulata—who had become attached to Good after nursing him through his injuries sustained in the battle—causes her to be crushed under the stone door, though not before fatally stabbing Foulata. Their scant store of food and water rapidly dwindling, the trapped men prepare to die also.

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After a few despairing days sealed in the dark chamber, they find an escape route, bringing with them a few pocketfuls of diamonds from the immense trove, enough to make them rich. The Englishmen bid farewell to a sorrowful Ignosi and return to the desert, assuring him that they value his friendship but must return to be with their own people, Ignosi in return promising them that they will be venerated and honoured among his people forever. Taking a different route, they find Sir Henry's brother stranded in an oasis by a broken leg, unable to go forward or back. They return to Durban and eventually to England, wealthy enough to live comfortable lives.

Haggard wrote the novel as a result of a five- shilling wager with his brother, who said that he could not write a novel half as good as Robert Louis Stevenson 's Treasure Island However, the book was a complete novelty and was rejected by one publisher after another. After six months, King Solomon's Mines was published, and the book became the year's best seller, with printers struggling to print copies fast enough.

Lovecraft 's At the Mountains of Madness. Burroughs also introduced other lost cities in various hidden corners of Africa, for Tarzan to visit, such as a valley inhabited by stray Crusaders still maintaining a Medieval way of life.

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Robert E. Howard 's Conan the Barbarian also visited several lost cities, and Lee Falk 's The Phantom was initially written in this genre.

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A much later Lost World novel is Michael Crichton 's Congo , which is set in the s and features characters seeking a trove of diamonds in the lost city of Zinj for use in electronic components rather than jewellery. As in Treasure Island , the narrator of King Solomon's Mines tells his tale in the first person in an easy conversational style. Almost entirely missing except in the speech of the Kukuanas is the ornate language usually associated with novels of this era.

Haggard's use of the first person subjective perspective also contrasts with the omniscient third-person viewpoint then in vogue among influential writers such as Anthony Trollope , Thomas Hardy , and George Eliot. The book has scholarly value for the colonialist attitudes that Haggard expresses, [17] and for the way that he portrays the relationships between the white and African characters.

Haggard portrays some African characters as barbarians, such as Twala and Gagool, but their barbarity has more to do with their roles as antagonists in the story than with their African heritage.

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He also presents the other side of the coin, showing some black Africans as heroes and heroines such as Ignosi , and showing respect for their culture. The book expresses much less prejudice than some of the later books in this genre. The narrator tries to discourage the relationship, dreading the uproar that such a marriage would cause back home in England; however, he has no objection to the lady, whom he considers very beautiful and noble.

Haggard eventually kills off Foulata, who dies in Good's arms. Kukuanaland is said in the book to be forty leagues north of the Lukanga river in modern Zambia, which would place it in the extreme southeast of the present Democratic Republic of Congo. The culture of the Kukuanas shares many attributes with other South African tribes, such as Zulu being spoken and the kraal system being used. A number of sites have been suggested as the location of his mines, including the workings at the Timna valley near Eilat.

Research published in September has shown that this site was in use during the 10th century BC as a copper mine possibly by the Edomites, who the Bible reports were rivals of and frequently at war with King Solomon. Haggard knew Africa well, having travelled deep within the continent as a year-old during the Anglo-Zulu War and the First Boer War, where he had been impressed by South Africa's vast mineral wealth and by the ruins of ancient lost cities being uncovered, such as Great Zimbabwe.

His original Allan Quatermain character was based in large part on Frederick Courtney Selous, the famous British white hunter and explorer of Colonial Africa. Selous's real-life experiences provided Haggard with the background and inspiration for this and many later stories. Rider Haggard H. Rider Haggard Penguin Classics. I accepted, and he led the way to the Dunkeld deck cabin, and a very good cabin it is. It had been two cabins, but when Sir Garnet or one of those big swells went down the coast in the Dunkeld, they knocked away the partition and have never put it up again.

There was a sofa in the cabin, and a little table in front of it. Sir Henry sent the steward for a bottle of whisky, and the three of us sat down and lit our pipes.

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Quatermain," said Sir Henry Curtis, when the steward had brought the whisky and lit the lamp, "the year before last about this time you were, I believe, at a place called Bamangwato, to the north of the Transvaal. I took up a wagon-load of goods, made a camp outside the settlement, and stopped till I had sold them. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Condition: New. Language: English. Brand new Book. Three men trek to the remote African interior in search of a lost friend - and reach, at the end of a perilous journey, an unknown land cut off from the world, where terrible dangers threaten anyone who ventures near the spectacular diamond mines of King Solomon.

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