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They also called for the administration to take action on climate change and raising the living standards for Americans as well as denizens of Mexico and Canada. In March , after President Trump announced 5 percent tariffs on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum, Warren stated that she was "not afraid of tariffs" and that she wanted "to see a trade policy that puts American workers first, puts American small businesses first, puts American consumers first. Warren supports the Buffett Rule , which would restore the Clinton tax rates on the top income bracket.

She believes that the added revenues should be used to make college more affordable and help students pay off their student loans.

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There is a problem with the corporate tax code, but that isn't it. In December , Warren and Representative Elijah Cummings called for Congress to compose a set of benefits for low-income families that would be permanent as part of massive package of year-end tax breaks that was being developed at the time.

Warren credited the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit as the federal programs contributing the most to the reduction of child poverty while saying that the value of the CTC had eroded due to its credit not having been indexed. In a press release, Warren said, "Not only is Donald Trump giving a gang of billionaires control of our government, he's offering them a special tax break just for signing up. This bill would stop billionaires from getting yet another special favor from Donald Trump. Warren opposed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of , which she voted against.

The rich get richer, and everyone else gets left behind. It is just plain immoral at a time when the top 1 percent are already getting richer and richer and working families are scraping to pay for housing and schools and child care; it is just plain immoral to slash taxes for the rich while sticking it to everyone else. In April , Warren proposed the "Real Corporate Profits Tax" which would consider as the corporate tax base profits that enterprises disclose to investors instead of profits reported to the IRS only. The tax would exist in parallel with or, rather, on top of the corporate income tax, and would be akin to the alternative minimum tax levied upon some individuals, imposing a minimum tax including on corporations that hitherto would have had been paying little to no in corporate income taxes.

As part of her presidential campaign, Warren proposed an annual wealth tax "Ultra-Millionaire Tax" in January The plan would also encourage the IRS to close loopholes in asset valuation, and increase oversight over wealth in known tax havens. The proposal was in line with the recommendations of Piketty who promptly endorsed the plan. Warren supports investing in renewable energy rather than "hand[ing] out massive tax breaks to [nonrenewable] energy companies that are among the most profitable corporations in the world. We are more likely to prop up foreign dictators or become entangled in wars that are about our energy needs rather than our long-term, strategic interests Investing in clean energy technology is investing in our health, our environmental security, our national security, and our economic security.

In April , Warren was one of five senators to sign a letter to American governors saying the climate change views of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were not in line with that of Kentuckians and urging them to comply with the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan. In March , Warren joined fellow Massachusetts senator Ed Markey and thirty other Democratic lawmakers in promoting a bill that if implemented would block federal agencies from adhering to actions outlined in President Trump's "Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth" executive order.

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Out of Sight: The Long and Disturbing Story of Corporations Outsourcing Catastrophe

In June , after President Trump announced the United States was withdrawing from the Paris Agreement , Warren said the withdrawal was "a big gift to Republican donors" rather than about "jobs versus the environment". She furthered, "In this democracy, government can be seized by a handful of people with money who can get government to tilt in their direction. Money slithers through Washington like a snake. In October , Warren stated that the Clean Power Plan was intended to stop big corporations from dumping dangerous amounts of carbon pollution in the air.

In October , Warren was one of nineteen senators to sign a letter to Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt questioning Pruitt's decision to repeal the Clean Power Plan , asserting that the repeal's proposal used "mathematical sleights of hand to over-state the costs of industry compliance with the Rule and understate the benefits that will be lost if the repeal is finalized" and science denying and math fabricating would fail to "satisfy the requirements of the law, nor will it slow the increase in frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, the inexorable rise in sea levels, or the other dire effects of global warming that our planet is already experiencing.

In May , Warren and Bernie Sanders wrote a letter to President Trump calling on the president to select an individual who takes climate change seriously as his next Homeland Security adviser, warning that without "a dedicated federal effort to reduce the quantity of greenhouse gasses that human activity releases into the atmosphere, climate change will continue to worsen and cause increasingly severe weather events, including hurricanes" and that climate change had previously and would continue to "have a tangible and harmful impact on our national security and disaster readiness.

In September , Warren proposed the Climate Risk Disclosure Act, requiring companies to make disclosures relating to climate change including companies' greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel holdings, and how they would be impacted by climate policies in addition to ways they could be hurt by climate effects like rising sea levels.

In a statement, Warren said climate change was "a real and present danger — and it will have an enormous effect on the value of company assets" and that the legislation would "use market forces to speed up the transition from fossil fuels to cleaner energy — reducing the odds of an environmental and financial disaster without spending a dime of taxpayer money. In February , in response to reports of the EPA intending to decide against setting drinking water limits for perfluorooctane sulfonic acid PFOS and perfluorooctanoic acid PFOA as part of an upcoming national strategy to manage the aforementioned class of chemicals, Warren was one of twenty senators to sign a letter to Acting EPA Administrator Andrew R.

Wheeler calling on the agency "to develop enforceable federal drinking water standards for PFOA and PFOS, as well as institute immediate actions to protect the public from contamination from additional per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances PFAS.

Download here. An Easy Out: Corporate Americas Addiction To Outsourcing

In March , when the Green New Deal came up for a vote in the Senate, Warren and 41 other Senate Democrats voted "present", which was anticipated as ahead of the vote as a means of most Democrats not having to take a formal position on the legislation. Joseph Dunford asserting that the Defense Department "must do more than simply acknowledge or take piecemeal actions to address climate change while it increasingly threatens and harms our military's infrastructure and operations" and that the US adapting to climate change was "a necessary component of maintaining readiness.

Warren claims to oppose continuing the war in Afghanistan and support withdrawing U. The Taliban are on the rise. Afghan forces are taking unsustainable losses. The government is losing territory and credibility. In September , Warren told the Washington Post, "It's long past time to bring our troops home, and I would begin to do so immediately" and that there would not be U. In March , during a three-day visit to Beijing , Warren claimed that US policy encouraging the opening of markets in China through free trade has not been successful.

She advocated against the United States having a more integrated economic system with China if the latter country continued failing "to respect basic human rights". They wrote: "In American news outlets, Beijing has used financial ties to suppress negative information about the CCP.

In the past four years, multiple media outlets with direct or indirect financial ties to China allegedly decided not to publish stories on wealth and corruption in the CCP Beijing has also sought to use relationships with American academic institutions and student groups to shape public discourse. Warren and some other members of Congress introduced legislation seeking to punish China over its human rights abuses against the Uyghurs and other predominantly Muslim ethnic minorities in China's north-western province of Xinjiang.

In February , amid a report by the Commerce Department that ZTE had been caught illegally shipping goods of American origin to Iran and North Korea, Warren was one of seven senators to sponsor a bipartisan bill reimposing sanctions on ZTE in the event that ZTE did not honor both American laws and its agreement with the Trump administration. In July , after the United States reopened its embassy in Havana, Cuba , Warren stated, "I'm not sure when it will work out to do that, but we're clearly on a path to try to develop a stronger relationship with the people of Cuba, and I think that's the right thing for us to do.

Warren supports a secure and democratic state of Israel and wants to ensure the security of Israel from external forces such as Iran , Hezbollah , Hamas , and others. Warren states she supports a two state solution , but she believes Palestinian application for membership in the UN isn't helpful.

In a town hall meeting in August , Warren defended Israel's shelling of schools and hospitals during that summer's Israel—Gaza conflict , stating that "when Hamas puts its rocket launchers next to hospitals, next to schools, they're using their civilian population to protect their military assets. And I believe Israel has a right, at that point, to defend itself". She also questioned whether future US aid to Israel should be contingent on the halting of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. In November , in her first foreign trip since being elected to the Senate, Warren traveled to Israel and met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In September , ahead of a United Nations Security Council vote on a resolution condemning Israeli settlements , Warren was one of 88 senators who signed a letter to President Obama sponsored by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee , urging him to "veto any one-sided UNSC resolution that may be offered in the coming months": [76] [78] the resolution was approved by the Security Council , with the United States abstaining. In November , Warren was one of ten Democratic senators to sign a letter urging Prime Minister Netanyahu to halt the planned demolitions of Palestinian villages Khan al-Ahmar and Sussiya on the grounds that such action would further diminish efforts to seek a two-state solution and "endanger Israel's future as a Jewish democracy.

In April , shortly after the beginning of the Gaza border protests , Warren said that she was "deeply concerned about the deaths and injuries in Gaza" and called on Israeli defense forces to "exercise restraint and respect the rights of Palestinians to peacefully protest. Warren opposed a controversial pro-Israel Anti-Boycott Act initiated by Republicans, [82] which would make it illegal for U. In March , after Representative Ilhan Omar was criticized by Democrats and Republicans for comments about Israel she made that some condemned as anti-Semitic, [84] Warren said they had "a moral duty to combat hateful ideologies in our own country and around the world--and that includes both anti-Semitism and Islamophobia" and added, "Branding criticism of Israel as automatically anti-Semitic has a chilling effect on our public discourse and makes it harder to achieve a peaceful solution between Israelis and Palestinians.

Threats of violence -- like those made against Rep. Omar -- are never acceptable. On July 11, , Warren tweeted: "America is strongest when we work together with our allies — including the 28 NATO members who share our democratic values. During December , in response to President Trump's October announcement that he intended to withdraw the United States from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty , Warren was one of seven senators to cosponsor the Prevention of Arms Race Act of , legislation prohibiting funding for a U.

Warren has stated that Iran is a "significant threat" to the United States and its allies. In June , Warren criticized Trump's administration for escalating tensions with Iran. Warren said it would be illegal for the Trump administration to rely on a law that authorized the use of U. Armed Forces against those responsible for the September 11 attacks and any "associated forces". Warren criticized U. Thousands of civilians died in airstrikes.

In June , Warren voted for a resolution by Rand Paul and Chris Murphy that would block President Trump's million sale of precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia that made up a portion of the billion arms sale Trump announced during his visit to Saudi Arabia the previous year. In March , Warren voted against tabling a resolution spearheaded by Bernie Sanders, Chris Murphy, and Mike Lee that would have required President Trump to withdraw American troops either in or influencing Yemen within the next 30 days unless they were combating Al-Qaeda.

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On February 22, , Warren tweeted: "Saudi Arabia brutally murdered a journalist in its own consulate and bombed Yemeni civilians with US-armed warplanes. Walid Fitaih. The senators wrote, "Not only have reputable international organizations detailed the arbitrary detention of peaceful activists and dissidents without trial for long periods, but the systematic discrimination against women, religious minorities and mistreatment of migrant workers and others has also been well-documented.

Advantages And Disadvantages In Outsourcing

Warren condemned the genocide of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar and called for a stronger response to the crisis. In August , Warren said that President Obama was "right to seek Congressional approval before taking any military action, and we should engage in a serious debate to determine the appropriate U. In September , Warren voted against legislation authorizing Obama to arm and train Syrian rebels , saying in a statement that she did not want Americans "to be dragged into another ground war in the Middle East, and it is time for those nations in the region that are most immediately affected by the rise of ISIS to step up and play a leading role in this fight.

I would not restore diplomatic relations with the Syrian regime. I do support pragmatic engagement as part of a coordinated multilateral effort -- to seek the best diplomatic solution possible to end the civil war, address the ongoing humanitarian crisis and prevent any spillover consequences from this conflict, including terrorism.

In September , after President Trump delivered a speech to the United Nations threatening to "totally destroy" North Korea if the United States were "forced to defend itself or its allies" and referred to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as "Rocket Man", Warren said that attempting "to bait an unstable dictator who has nuclear weapons is not a strategy that makes America safer".

Warren opined that there was no solution to North Korea that could be solved with only American military intervention: "We need to use every tool in the toolbox. And that means diplomatic efforts with the neighbors in the region and actually all around the world so that we can gather intelligence, so we can impose economic sanctions in the right way, so we can enforce those sanctions, so we can bring the right kind of pressure to bear on North Korea just to back them off this nuclear cliff.

In February , Warren was one of eighteen senators to sign a letter to President Trump arguing that striking North Korea with "a preventative or preemptive U. She opined that there was "no military-only solution to the problems presented by North Korea, and I'm not the only one who feels that way. Though she expressed her preference for President Trump succeeding in getting North Korea to surrender its nuclear capabilities, she added that this would only be possible with a "coherent and executed strategy". Generations of North Korean leaders have made and broken promises before—this Administration's success will be judged on whether it can eliminate Kim's nuclear weapons and verify they are gone".

In September , Warren was one of 27 senators who voted against withdrawing S. In September , after a report detailed questionable care at the nursing home of the Bedford VA, Warren sent a letter to United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie calling for the Veterans Affairs Department to increase monitoring along with releasing agency inspection reports and giving more oversight to federal lawmakers.

Warren wrote that she was "growing sick and tired of hearing and reading heart-wrenching story after heart-wrenching story about veterans treated as if their sacrifices for our country do not matter" and that she had important concerns as to "whether the new leadership at this facility is resulting in significantly improved care or is simply producing more of the same. In she also lobbied Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel regarding maintaining restrictions in the supply of Army Manpack radios, arguing against increasing the number of vendors beyond the initial two, General Dynamics and Rockwell Collins , despite the radios being poorly rated in combat testing.

In May , Warren and Rep. Jackie Speier introduced legislation to limit corporate influence on government defense policy. The proposal would implement a four year ban on major defense contractors from hiring senior officials and officials involved in managing those corporations' contracts at the Department of Defense , and would also require DoD officials to recuse themselves from matters affecting companies that they had worked for during the previous four years.

It would also strengthen regulations on US government officials working for foreign governments, ban former intelligence officers from working for foreign governments, and make dealings between the government and contractors more transparent. Shortly after announcing her presidential campaign, Warren and Rep. Adam Smith introduced a bill which would commit the United States to a no first use policy regarding nuclear weapons.

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Warren opposed the U. Supreme Court Citizens United v. In January , Warren was one of twenty-nine senators to sign a letter to President Obama urging him to issue a final executive order that would require federal contractors to disclose political donations, arguing that form of disclosure was "a modest step that would expose an especially troubling type of secret money: campaign contributions that have the potential to influence government contracting practices. Warren supports requiring the use of paper ballots. In anticipation of the agency's formal opening, for the first year after the bill's signing, she worked on implementation of the bureau as a special assistant to the president.

While liberal groups and consumer advocacy groups pushed for Obama to nominate Warren as the agency's permanent director, she was strongly opposed by financial institutions and by Republican members of Congress who believed Warren would be an overly zealous regulator. In April , Warren was one of six senators to send a letter to Director of the CFPB Kathy Kraninger expressing concern "CFPB leadership has abandoned its supervision and enforcement activities related to federal student loan servicers" and opined that such behavior displayed "a shocking disregard for the financial well-being of our nation's public servants, including teachers, first responders, and members of the military.

Saying, "despite the progress we've made since , the biggest banks continue to threaten our economy," in July , Senator Warren, along with John McCain R-Ariz. The legislation is intended to reduce the risk for the American taxpayer in the financial system and decrease the likelihood of a future financial crises.

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In March , during a speech in Conway, New Hampshire , Warren said, "Here's the problem on term limits on folks in Congress -- it makes them more dependent than ever on the lobbyist. Believe me, if the senators only stay for two terms, the lobbyist will be there a lot longer and they'll know how the game is played.

Warren supports abortion rights and opposes any Supreme Court nominees who "oppose legal abortion". In March , Warren was one of thirty-eight senators to sign a letter to United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue warning that dairy farmers "have continued to face market instability and are struggling to survive the fourth year of sustained low prices" and urging his department to "strongly encourage these farmers to consider the Dairy Margin Coverage program. In July , Warren and fellow senator Tammy Baldwin joined eighty-one congressional colleagues in signing a letter to the Food and Drug Administration requesting it lift a ban on gay and bisexual males donating blood and implement a one-year deferral on the grounds that the ban served "to perpetuate the stereotype that all men who have sex with men pose a risk to the health of others.

In May , Warren was one of forty-six senators to introduce the Equality Act of , described by Representative David Cicilline as ensuring "that every LGBT person can live their lives free from the fear of discrimination. In June , Warren was one of eighteen senators to sign a letter to United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requesting an explanation of a decision by the State Department to not issue an official statement that year commemorating Pride Month nor issue the annual cable outlining activities for embassies commemorating Pride Month. They also questioned why the LGBTI special envoy position had remained vacant and asserted that "preventing the official flying of rainbow flags and limiting public messages celebrating Pride Month signals to the international community that the United States is abandoning the advancement of LGBTI rights as a foreign policy priority.

Warren is a supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment. Warren supports closing the gender pay gap in the United States. Warren was a co-sponsor in of Savanna's Act , which would create a federal response to violence against Indigenous women, particularly addressing missing and murdered Indigenous women. Constitution and the Census Act" by continuing to attempt adding the citizenship question to census materials.

The senators urged Ross to "allow the Census Bureau to proceed with preparation for a census without a citizenship question on the questionnaire.

In , Warren and 34 other senators introduced the Child Care for Working Families Act, a bill that created , new child care jobs and that ensured families under 75 percent of the state median income did not pay for child care with higher earning families having to pay "their fair share for care on a sliding scale, regardless of the number of children they have. In February , Warren unveiled a universal child care plan. Warren is against capital punishment also known as the "death penalty" and supports abolishing it in the United States.

In February , Warren was one of twenty-four senators to sign a letter asserting that Sikh, Hindu and Arab Americans were often targets of violence because they were mistaken for being radical Muslims and citing the importance of the federal government to "begin tracking information about anti-Sikh, anti-Hindu and anti-Arab hate crimes as soon as possible so that law enforcement can more effectively respond to this threat.

In February , as the Obama administration and Senate Democrats pushed for bipartisan criminal justice reform legislation, Warren stated that Republicans were "threatening to block a reform unless Congress includes a so-called mens rea amendment to make it much harder for the government to prosecute hundreds of corporate crimes" and said this was shameful "because we're already way too easy on corporate law breakers.

In July , along with Cory Booker , Dick Durbin , and Kamala Harris , Warren was one of four senators to introduce the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act, legislation implementing a ban on the shackling of pregnant women and mandating the Bureau of Prisons to form superior visitation policies for parents along with providing parenting classes and offering health products such as tampons and pads for free. The bill also restricted prison employees from entering restrooms of the opposite sex with the exception of pressing circumstances. The Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act starts to change our country's approach to helping women in prison by ensuring that they are treated with dignity and equipping them with the tools, resources, and services they need to successfully return to their families and communities.

In August , during an appearance at a Dillard University forum, Warren stated, "Let's just start with the hard truth about our criminal justice system. It's racist I mean all the way. I mean front to back. Warren supports abolishing mandatory minimum sentencing. In December , Warren voted for the First Step Act , legislation aimed at reducing recidivism rates among federal prisoners through expanding job training and other programs in addition to forming an expansion of early-release programs and modifications on sentencing laws such as mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders, "to more equitably punish drug offenders.

In October , Warren reflected that the US government had previously researched Ebola but had shelved its efforts after "spending cutbacks and all the pressure on the National Institute of Health" and that now they were "all very worried, instead of spending the money in advance to do more of the research to avoid this kind of problem. But we want to be very careful that we are following the recommendations of the scientific community.

We want to use best science here. So for me, part of this is the reminder it is powerfully important to make long-term investments, particularly in medical research. Warren supports reinstating an extended magazine long rifle weapons ban as well as more rigorous background screenings, including for people who purchase firearms at gun shows , and she opposes limits on the sharing of firearms trace information.

In January , Warren was one of eighteen senators to sign a letter to Thad Cochran and Barbara Mikulski requesting that the Labor, Health and Education subcommittee hold a hearing on whether to allow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC to fund a study of gun violence and "the annual appropriations rider that some have interpreted as preventing it" with taxpayer dollars. The senators noted their support for taking steps "to fund gun-violence research, because only the United States government is in a position to establish an integrated public-health research agenda to understand the causes of gun violence and identify the most effective strategies for prevention.

Francis Collins espousing the view that it was critical the NIH "dedicate a portion of its resources to the public health consequences of gun violence" at a time when 93 Americans die per day from gun-related fatalities and noted that the Dickey Amendment did not prohibit objective, scientific inquiries into shooting death prevention. In November , Warren was a cosponsor of the Military Domestic Violence Reporting Enhancement Act, a bill that would form a charge of Domestic Violence under the Uniform Code of Military Justice UCMJ and stipulate that convictions would have to be reported to federal databases with the authority to keep abusers from purchasing firearms within three days in an attempt to close a loophole in the Uniform Code of Military Justice UCMJ through which convicted abusers retained the ability to purchase firearms.

In February , after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting , Warren wrote letters to nine gun company shareholders saying they had "reaped significant benefits from your investment in gun manufacturers" while doing "little to reduce the violence and murders caused by their products" and encouraging them to "take action to ensure that the gun companies in which you invest are taking steps to reduce gun violence.

In January , Warren was one of forty senators to introduce the Background Check Expansion Act, a bill that would require background checks for either the sale or transfer of all firearms including all unlicensed sellers. Exceptions to the bill's background check requirement included transfers between members of law enforcement, loaning firearms for either hunting or sporting events on a temporary basis, providing firearms as gifts to members of one's immediate family, firearms being transferred as part of an inheritance, or giving a firearm to another person temporarily for immediate self-defense.

In October , following Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma , Warren signed a letter to Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke urging her "to provide all necessary resources to confirm that storm-related deaths are being counted correctly" given that President Trump seemed "to be using the number of fatalities to determine the quality of the disaster response".

The senators asserted that "FEMA's refusal to use the tools at its disposal, including DHAP, to help these survivors is puzzling -- and profoundly troubling" and that hundreds of hurricane survivors were susceptible to being left homeless in the event that FEMA and HUD continued to not work together.

In August , Warren was one of eight senators to sign a letter to the Federal Emergency Management Agency charging the agency with not assisting displaced homeowners in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria under the Individuals and Households IHP program by "alarming rates. In January , during a visit to Puerto Rico, Warren called for the resignation of FEMA administrator Long and spoke of Puerto Rico's continued suffering, adding, "We will not allow anyone to sabotage your recovery, not even the president of the United States.

In March , Warren was one of eleven senators to sign a letter to congressional leaders urging them to "bring legislation providing disaster supplemental appropriations to your respective floors for consideration immediately" after noting that the previous year had seen federal disaster declarations approved for states, territories, and tribal nations across the US. In July , Warren was one of eight senators to sign a letter to U. Chamber of Commerce President Tom J. Donohue requesting the chamber stop lobbying against anti-smoking regulations on the grounds that "its international clout to fight so ardently against regulations of dangerous tobacco products is contrary to United States foreign policy and global health goals.

In December , Warren was one of seventeen senators to sign a letter to President-elect Trump advocating for him to fulfill a campaign pledge to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, stating their willingness "to advance measures to achieve this goal", and calling on Trump "to partner with Republicans and Democrats alike to take meaningful steps to address the high cost of prescription drugs through bold administrative and legislative actions.

In October , Warren and Republican Lisa Murkowski wrote a letter to President Trump applauding his "stated commitment to addressing opioid addiction" and concurring with his position that the opioid crisis deserved an increase in federal spending. Warren and Murkowski expressed that they were "extremely concerned" that Trump had "yet to take the necessary steps to declare a national emergency on opioids, nor "made any proposals to significantly increase funding to combat the epidemic".

The senators wrote that they hoped that Trump would pursue actions supporting his "verbal commitment to fighting the 'serious problem' of opioid addiction with action. In February , Warren was one of ten senators to sign a letter sent by Dick Durbin and Richard Blumenthal to the Food and Drug Administration urging Commissioner Scott Gottlieb to deny the application from Philip Morris International to market a new "heat not burn" cigarette as less risky than previous versions.

In a press release, Warren said that the opioid crisis could not be defeated "with empty words and half measures" and that the bill would "funnel millions of dollars directly to the hardest-hit communities and give them the tools to fight back. In December , Warren was one of twenty-one senators to sign a letter to Commissioner of Food and Drugs Scott Gottlieb stating their approval of the actions of the Food and Drugs Administration to hinder youth access to e-cigarettes and urging the FDA "to take additional, stronger steps to prevent and reduce e-cigarette use among youth.

In February , Warren was one of eleven senators to sign a letter to insulin manufactures Eli Lilly and Company , Novo Nordisk , and Sanofi over increased insulin prices and charging the price increases with having caused patients to lack "access to the life-saving medications they need. Workers in the United States get only about 6 percent of what you pay for an iPhone. American-based companies are also doing more of their research and development abroad.

IT Offshoring Skeptic

American students continue to do poorly in math and science relative to students in other advanced countries. American universities continue to rank high but many are being starved of government funds and are having trouble keeping up. China, by contrast, is investing like mad in world-class universities and research centers. Transportation and communication systems abroad are also becoming better and more reliable. So forget the debate over outsourcing. The way we get good jobs back is with a national strategy to make Americans more competitive — retooling our schools, getting more of our young people through college or giving them a first-class technical education, remaking our infrastructure, and thereby guaranteeing a large share of Americans add significant value to the global economy.

Over the years, the word "outsourcing" has come to evoke dread and frustration, and it's easy to see why: while it makes financial sense for corporations to move jobs overseas to cut labor costs, the decision to outsource often has devastating effects on local economies, putting thousands of people out of work. Instead of moving jobs overseas, companies move them to small towns and cities stateside, where not only is labor cheaper, but so is the cost of living.

Instead of outsourcing to another country or paying exorbitant amounts to find talent in pricey metro areas, Saturn Systems has looked toward the smaller port city of Duluth for all of their outsourcing needs. Rural outsourcing provides that balance of expertise, accessibility and cost to deliver the highest value for our customers. One of the biggest worries companies have about offshore outsourcing is sending sensitive data overseas, making it more susceptible to hackers. Some more advantages? That distance is not only literal, but employees in the home office feel distant from their co-workers abroad and have a hard time communicating efficiently.